How Does The World View Your Faith?

Earlier this week I published a PodCast called The Perception of Privilege, and in it I tell a story about how my friend Michael viewed Christians before he became one himself.

The most simple way to say it is, “privileged”.

So, I simply want to spark some self-evaluation within our culture by asking this question, how does the world view your faith?

Are you relatable?
Are you understanding?
Are you accepting of people who live lives that make you uncomfortable?
Are you able to preach the gospel without using words?
Are you respected by your peers?
Are you comfortable being identified as a Christian in all settings?

If you need some perspective, ask some of your non-Christian friends or family members how they view your faith.

“for the good of man, to the glory of God”

Dennis Gable

DG Design Co, Nashville, TN

I am a solution oriented designer with a love for typography, color theory, & a philosophical belief that less is actually more.