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Logo design is a process that I take very seriously; I am responsible for how my clients are going to represent themselves, their products, and/or their services all over the world [wide web]. 

When I am receiving the vision from a client, I try to dig deep into what they see in their mind. If I am able to capture just a glimpse of what they’ve been dreaming of for their logo, then I’m well on my way to providing a great logo. 

In this case, the client was deciding to step out on his own and leave the reputable, stable company he had invested much of his time into. So, much of our conversation revolved around what he didn’t want his logo to look like, which was actually quite insightful. I always take a lot of notes with key words, colors, feelings, and capturing their “problem” in the most holistic way possible. 

Anytime I tackle a design project I start with a blank page in my sketchbook. 

blank sketchbook

From there, start the sketching process, sometimes rewriting certain notes or jotting down key words/ideas/phrases. But the biggest piece is to simply start drawing and sometimes I get there quickly, sometimes it takes me 30+ ideas before I really start to understand the direction I’m going. 


Once I have 1-3 ideas [depending on the client] I take it to the computer, in this case Adobe Illustrator. And I’ll always know whether I did a good enough job in the sketching phase by how quickly I am able to transfer the design from my sketchbook to the screen. 

As you see in my sketchbook, I have almost the exact logo as the one below. These are the moments that I’m proud of as a designer, when I can truly take an idea from thought to production. 

ENTERTAIN business card

#MakeStuff, friends. 

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Dennis Gable

DG Design Co, Nashville, TN

I am a solution oriented designer with a love for typography, color theory, & a philosophical belief that less is actually more.