Pronounced: Brand Producer

BRND PRDCR is an ally for your business. We come alongside your vision and will take it to the next level with understanding, innovation, diligence, and creative expertise. Much like a music producer walks alongside and guides an artist, BRND PRDCR does the same for your business; we become fully integrated into who you are and where you’re going.

When an artist goes into the studio there are musicians, producers, sound engineers, and then there’s a supporting cast of professionals. We call our supporting cast “The Band”. Our current Band consists of Dennis Gable, the CEO and Frontman of BRND PRDCR. Kisha Moore-Johnson, our Executive Assistant, and Steve McCarthy, our Content Expert.

If you’ve found your way to BRND PRDCR it’s because your product and/or service is polished, and you’ve diligently worked to take up space in your industry, but along the way you've become too busy or are simply in too deep to sift through and find the pieces of storytelling gold that your people are waiting to hear. To execute your branding just right and maximize your social presence.


Brand Management Services are proposed and billed per project.


Monthly Brand Management

Starting at $1,800 per month these services can include, but are not limited to: Brand strategy. Social media management. Ad campaign strategy & development. Website redesign. Photography. Narrative style videography. Visual content development

Brand Consulting

Starting at $1,200 for 4 sessions the optimal expression of this service is to fully assess your current brand and then utilize each session to breakdown and explore how your brand is being communicated to your current audience while creating a strategy to more efficiently and effectively communicate your value.

Hourly Rate

While we prefer to work on a per-project basis, we can work hourly if it is the preferred method of payment/billing for your company. Our hourly rate is $175/hour with the minimum being billed at 1 hour.

Brand Development

Starting at $2,700 the brand development process can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months. Through this we explore the brand name, the mission & vision, and long term goal. Using this information we develop a full visual identity, which includes logo, colors, fonts and usage.

Courses & Education

Starting at $200 for an hour of corporate training. My courses are out of the box and engaging, because boring content is the number one reason it is not implemented. I teach courses on Brand Development & Intentional Client Acquisition. Your people will leave with worksheets they can continue to implement through the growth of their career.


Creative process