Self Worth Strategist

What does this shit mean?


Self worth?

My foundational belief is this: Self Worth is the compounding effect of positive decisions and actions. Additionally, I believe that it is self worth, not will power that is the foundation for human change.

Life Coaching is weird

Generally I have had a weird experience with people who identify themselves as a “life coach” - that’s not to say there isn’t power or validity in the service, but like most services where people have to invest financially in themselves, you’ll find shitty people. I have endured a lot throughout my life and even still my approach is very specific and related to the growth of ones foundation of self worth.


Holding space

Holding space is a term that is a bit elusive, primarily because it is fully subjective to the individuals involved in the moment. This truly is how I would describe my approach…I hold space, listen, process, extend grace, and encourage freedom while identifying unique paths to self worth that are specific to the individual who I’m sitting with.

is it worth it?

Only if you want to put in the work! What I do and how I do it is extremely effective, but at the end of the day the burden falls on you to identify bad patterns, intentionally make decisions, own your shit, remain vulnerable, and celebrate like crazy.


Cost & Expectation:

  • $2,400 for the first 6 weeks & $1,800 for a second 6 weeks if necessary. [paid in 3 payments]

  • I will dig deep into your story. Our progress is partially reliant on your willingness.

  • Session one is a 2 hour deep dive into “the shit” in order to identify traumas, patterns, & opportunities.

  • Sessions 2-6 will be a 90 minute video call [or in person if you’re in AZ] once a week.

  • You will have FULL access to me via text and call.

  • We will complete exercises that you’ll be able to take and utilize forever.

If you’re interested in discussing this further, email me at