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Brand Management. Start-Up Consulting. Self-Worth Strategy [Life Coaching]. Brand Awareness Consulting. Podcast Features.


Here’s what I do


Brand Producer is the “Brand Management” extension of my business. This is an interactive service, where I provide in-depth creative strategy specific to the goals of your business. This service includes both strategy, consultation, and implementation.  

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Self-Worth Strategy

This is my variation of “Life Coaching”.
The recommended length of this process is 6 weeks, which includes 1 full hour together per week discussing past, present, and future, tactical strategy, and full accessibility to me via text, email, and call.

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Self to Society

Self to Society is a podcast I started because I couldn’t find a podcast with short episodes and deep content. The podcast is not overly produced, and I take great pride in showing up to the microphone without being rehearsed or concluded on a topic.

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Pronounced Brand Producer - We come alongside your business with a fully integrated approach. Your “industry” isn’t nearly as important as your ability to authentically connect with the humans that you hope to attract.

Our strategy first approach is consultative rather than simply being a “hired gun”, we learn your story, research your target demographic, & create a strategy to bring the two together.

“You’re the pro. I’ll follow your lead on it.”

— Trevor H

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Self Worth…

not will power is the foundation of human change!

My approach to “Life Coaching” is unique and involves a lot of listening. I’m not perfect, and I’ve fucked up a lot…I’ve also fought hard to preserve my self worth.

I’d love to sit with you in my process that gracefully takes us from HERE to THERE.

“I love having a “coach” and someone that doesn’t pass judgment on me!”

— Michelle G

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A Podcast??

Self to Society is a vulnerable expression of my fuck-ups and my successes. The episodes are short and unscripted, because when I show up to the microphone I want to make sure that you get the most authentic version I have to offer that day. The topics cover everything from Therapy to Dick Pics to White Privilege. Thank you for stopping by!

“I’ve listened to the ‘Vulnerable’ episode everyday since it was released”

— Amber